Renault Master with platform

Rent Renault Master with Platform in Valencia: Ideal Solution for Heavy Loads

Renting Renault Master with a platform in Valencia is a strategic decision for companies looking for a robust, versatile and efficient transport vehicle, capable of handling a wide variety of logistical needs. This Renault Master model is specially equipped with a rear lifting platform, designed to significantly improve loading and unloading processes. This functionality is essential for handling heavy and bulky objects, such as industrial equipment, construction materials or large furniture, facilitating operations that would otherwise require much more time and effort.

The presence of the lifting platform transforms the Renault Master into an essential tool for any business in Valencia that seeks to optimize its supply and logistics chain. By renting a Renault Master with flatbed, businesses can benefit from greater operational efficiency, allowing workers to load and unload goods more quickly and safely, significantly reducing the chance of strain injuries and increasing overall productivity.

In addition, renting Renault Master with a platform offers financial flexibility to companies, eliminating the need for investment in long-term vehicle purchases and allowing them to adapt to changing market demands with less economic risk. This is especially valuable in projects that have fluctuating transportation requirements or for startups and SMEs that need to keep their startup costs low while exploring growth opportunities in the Valencia market.

In summary, choosing to rent a flatbed Renault Master in Valencia not only provides an effective solution for handling heavy and bulky loads, but also offers a significant competitive advantage to companies looking to streamline their operations and improve their logistical efficiency without compromise quality or safety.

Specialized for:

Technical aspects


Fuel: Diesel
Gearbox: Manual
Passenger Capacity: 1
Minimum driver age: 18 Años
Card type: B

Additional Information

Air Bags: Si
Cruce control: Si
Electric Window Regulator: Si
Platform: Si


Inside box height: 2,20m Mts
Box interior width: 2,04m Mts
Inside box length: 4,04m Mts
Doors: 3
Load: 700 Kg
Price from: 150 EUR/Día*
Air-conditioning: Si
Central lock: Si
Power steering: Si
HiFi audio equipment: Si


Inside box height: 2,20m Mts
Box interior width: 2,04m Mts
Inside box length: 4,04m Mts
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* Price based on one rental day from Monday to Friday excluding holidays (24 hours). 100 kilometers included. Insurance with excess according to the age of the driver. Minimum age 25 years with 3 years of driving license. Call 963847155 to request a quote for other services.

Power and efficiency on every journey

Renting a Renault Master with a platform in Valencia means having a vehicle that combines power and efficiency. Its 2.3-liter dCi engine is available in various configurations, reaching up to 180 HP, ensuring optimal performance even under heavy loads. This power translates into agile and confident handling, allowing drivers to drive with confidence in various road and urban traffic conditions.

Large and versatile cargo space

One of the main attractions of the Renault Master with a platform is its loading capacity. The wide platform facilitates the transport of bulky and heavy objects, making this vehicle an indispensable tool for logistics, moving and technical services companies. The versatility of the cargo space allows for efficient organization of materials, thus optimizing time and resources during loading and unloading operations.

Safety and comfort in every detail

Safety is a priority when renting a Renault Master with a platform. This model comes equipped with advanced safety systems such as stability control, ABS brakes and hill start assist, which provide a safer and more controlled driving experience. Furthermore, comfort is not far behind; The ergonomic design of the driver’s seat, together with an improved suspension system, ensures that long journeys are as comfortable as possible.

Technology at the driver’s service

Tecnología al servicio del conductor Equipped with a navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity and an intuitive touch screen, this vehicle facilitates route management and communication, improving operational efficiency. These technological elements are especially useful for professionals who need to stay connected and well informed while on the go.

Flycar rental: an experience like no other

At Flycar, renting a Renault Master with a platform is synonymous with quality and service. With more than 40 years of experience in the vehicle rental sector in Valencia, Flycar distinguishes itself by offering impeccable maintenance of its fleet and exceptional customer service. Our opening hours, Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. and from 4:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m., and Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m., are designed to adapt to your needs. In addition, we offer rental insurance and 24/7 telephone assistance to guarantee your peace of mind at all times.

Renting a Renault Master with a platform in Valencia is a smart choice for those who need a robust, safe and technologically advanced vehicle. At Flycar, we assure you an unparalleled rental experience, backed by decades of excellence in service and maintenance. Don’t think twice and reserve your Renault Master with platform today, the perfect solution for all your transportation needs.

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