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“Xativa is a cultural and historical city worth visiting, located 62 km from Valencia. The ‘city of a thousand fountains’ is surrounded by medieval walls and situated between two hills amidst a landscape of vineyards and cypress trees.

Xativa boasts a monumental legacy of such value that between the 13th and 18th centuries it was considered on par with the capital city, Valencia. It was given the title of the second most important city in the Kingdom of Valencia. In fact, in addition to its historical buildings, it is the birthplace of two members of the Borgia family who became popes, as well as the painter Ribera. Also hailing from this Valencian town are the Renaissance composer Lluís del Milà and more contemporary figures such as the singer-songwriter Raimon, Toni Cucarella, and Feliu Ventura.”

What to do in JÁTIVA ?

Among its most valuable monuments, the Castle of Xativa stands out, of Iberian and Roman origin, with later transformations in Islamic and Gothic art. It was declared a National Monument in 1931, and it is worth climbing to the top of the castle to admire Xativa from that perspective.

Another charm of this Valencian town are the Walls of Xativa, mainly of Muslim origin, built to protect the city. Currently, only part of the walls remains, with sections dating from the 11th to the 16th century, and you can also see many of the towers of the walled enclosure, such as the famous Torre del Sol and the Torre de Almendra.

It’s also worth seeing the Plaça de la Trinitat in Xativa, the epicenter of the medieval city. Strolling through its historic streets is a pleasure for the senses, a journey into the past through noble palaces, churches, and other buildings of great historical value. You can visit unique monuments such as the Alarcón Palace. It is also recommended to see the 13th-century Convent of La Trinidad, of which only the 16th-century Gothic-style portico remains. Today, this monument houses the Municipal Historical Archive, with a modern structure that meticulously meets current standards for document conservation.

Another must-see in Xativa is its majestic collegiate church of Santa Maria, better known as La Seu de Xativa, also declared a National Monument in 1931. As is the case with many medieval churches, it was built on an old Muslim mosque. Its construction during the time of James I the Conqueror spanned several centuries, resulting in a monument that combines different historical styles, from Gothic to Baroque, with neoclassical influences.

You cannot travel to Xativa without visiting its two museums merged into one: the l’Almodí Museum with archaeological pieces of incalculable value, and the Museum of Fine Arts with painting collections showcasing works from the different historical periods of Xativa. The museum also contains samples of some Muslim buildings that were recovered from the time when Xativa had been conquered by the Saracens.

Lastly, you cannot miss its Route of the Fountains, a wonderful itinerary lasting about three hours, which includes a visit to the ten most emblematic royal fountains. This tour is the perfect complement to renting vans in Xativa so that you can enjoy this visit comfortably without missing any of its best corners.

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