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La Playa de la Patacona is one of the most popular places for visitors to Alboraia, known for its spaciousness, beautiful palm trees, and fine sand. Through its promenade, it connects with Valencia’s beaches.

Port Saplaya stands out for its moored boats surrounding the houses. It is reminiscent of the charm of Venice, with small canals connecting the boats to the houses in the town.

Another must-visit if you travel to Alboraia in Valencia are the fields of chufa, the ingredient used to make delicious Valencian horchata. If you rent a van in Alboraia or a tourist vehicle, you can get closer to these traditional irrigated agriculture corners.

During a visit to Alboraia, you cannot miss seeing its most prominent monuments, such as the Parish of the Assumption of Our Lady, which dates back to the 18th century, or shrines such as the Miracle of the Fishes, San Cristóbal or Santa Barbara, among many others.

You also cannot miss a visit to the Romanesque Bridge of El Moro or the Conte Zanoguera Manor House.

Alboraia, for its chufa fields, beaches, people, and tradition and history, deserves a visit.

¿What to do in ALBORAYA ?

If you have considered visiting Valencia and its surroundings, Alboraya is a recommended tourist destination for its beaches, scenic richness, chufas, and people. The patron saint festivals are celebrated in the month of July, starting from the feast of Corpus Christi.

Another popular festival in Alboraia, apart from the ones during Holy Week and Fallas, which extend to all municipalities and corners of Valencia, is that of the Holy Christ of Providence, in the month of August. In October, it is also worth mentioning the Festival of the Virgin of the Orchard, celebrated by the horchateros guild and ending with an irresistible tasting of Valencian chufa horchata.

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