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It is worth visiting Alcira, among other reasons because despite the river disasters it has suffered, it still preserves many prehistoric sites: from the Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Bronze Age.

The original walled town, forming the well-known Wall of Alcira, had within it several mosques, bathhouses, and mills.


¿What to do in ALCIRA ?

In case you visit, you will discover a charming and historic Valencian corner, about 40 kilometers southwest of Valencia. Around the village, you can admire beautiful natural landscapes and interesting monastery routes.

Not far away, you will find a Roman bridge over the Júcar River, a true classical architectural wonder. The ruins of the 14th-century La Murta monastery are also near this town. You can travel there by rental van or car, available through Flycar.

In this Valencian gem, the capital of the Ribera Alta del Júcar, it is also worth visiting the town hall. The Alcira Town Hall has Gothic origins, with Renaissance and Baroque influences. In this case, you can access it on foot, and it is worth visiting for its beauty and cultural legacy. Inside, the “Aureum Opus,” a 15th-century codex, is preserved.

The Alcira Municipal Museum is another must-see, especially for lovers of history and art. It displays a varied and valuable cultural heritage of the area, including cartographic, ethnographic, historical, and artistic elements.

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