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The Valencian Community is full of towns worth visiting, such as Chulilla. Located in the region of Los Serranos, this town dates back to a millennium before Christ and preserves vestiges from various historical periods.

To start with, this small population of less than a thousand inhabitants has among its heritage some rock paintings. In the Barranco de Falfiguera, visitors can see these representations that date back to prehistoric times but were only discovered in 1998.

The Castle of Chulilla is one of the emblematic centers of the village. It is not only important for its historical character, but also as a representation of the different stages of the town itself, which gives Chulilla a unique character. It was first built during the time of Al-Andalus, and after the Reconquest the castle was reformed. In the 19th century, during the Carlist Wars, it was a key fortress.

Visitors to Chulilla can also visit the Gothic chapel of Santa Barbara on the outskirts of the town. Another notable monument is the Hermitage of San Josepe, and of course the Church of the Virgin of the Angels that stands out in the images of Chulilla.

¿What to do in CHULILLA ?

If you have thought about visiting Valencia and its surroundings, including the town of Chulilla, a good time of year to do it is in August, during the Patron Saint Festivities. On August 15, in honor of Santa Barbara, the Virgin of the Hermitage is transferred, culminating the month with a festival dedicated to her. Later, in September, the Festivities of the Holy Christ are celebrated, another ideal time to go to Chulilla for the good weather and its many traditional activities.

The local typical dishes are the Olla de berzas, the Olla de carne, and the ‘cocotes’… In terms of pastry, it is worth tasting the ‘reguiños’, the mantecados, and the ‘congretes’, among others.

Some images of this
charming town


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