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The City of Arts and Sciences, the largest cultural center in all of Europe, consists of six modern architectural spaces, including an aquarium, a science museum, an audiovisual center, an opera house, a space for sports or musical events, and an outdoor social area, among other things.


¿What to do in CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES ?

To start, the vast structure of glass and steel is the Oceanogràfic, designed as a giant wave and surrounded by water, a visual display of what lies within. With over 45,000 sea creatures and 500 different species, this part of the City of Arts and Sciences is a fascinating place to visit.

The center stretches along ten separate aquariums, each recreating different underwater worlds ranging from the Red Sea and the Arctic to the tropics and the Mediterranean.

The Hemisfèric is another key point within the City of Arts and Sciences. From the IMAX cinema to the planetarium, this contemporary building leaves no one indifferent, with 3D movies, space exploration, animal conservation, and scientific discoveries to entertain and teach science at the same time.

Another must-see stop in the Calatrava complex is the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum. The design of this surprising structure is based on the construction of a whale skeleton and is visually as impressive as anything you can find inside the museum. In addition to the scientific exhibitions that can be seen in the museum, it is possible to interact and learn through touch.

Another iconic location within the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia is the Agora. This versatile space is sometimes used for concerts, sometimes as an exhibition hall, and sometimes to host sporting events such as the Valencia Open 500 Tennis Tournament. Designed as a covered public space, the structure is as innovative and intriguing as the rest of the complex.

The Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia is dedicated to the performing arts. It is a wonderful space to see productions of Spanish classics or contemporary works of dance and theater.

Beyond visiting the City of Arts and Sciences, if you go to the Valencia coast, don’t miss a walk through the prosperous and bustling Valencia port. It has its own culture and style, with a lively nightlife and culinary scene that cannot fail to delight any city traveler.

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