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Just 175 kilometers from Valencia lies Morella, a perfect excuse to escape the city and immerse oneself in a rural space.

Morella, the inland town in the province of Castellón, was a strategically significant location during the medieval period, the Reconquista, and numerous wars. As you approach Morella, the landscape becomes spectacular. You’ll find a castle on top of the mountain and houses surrounded by walls.

This small town in the Valencian Community is home to 2,000 inhabitants, so the best way to discover its charms is by strolling through its streets. Morella’s most emblematic street is Blasco d´Arago. However, the Plaza de Colón and the Plaza del Pla dels Estudis are also worth a visit. If you visit this town, you’ll see that it is completely walled, with Morella surrounded by 2 km of walls, 10 towers, and 7 gates.

The charm of the town is seeing how its inhabitants live a normal life within that spectacular structure. It is said that the most beautiful part of the wall is the Towers of San Miguel, which are octagonal in shape and serve as the main gate to the town.

If you feel like visiting one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, rent a van to visit Morella with us and enjoy numerous advantages. CONTACT US AND FIND OUT MORE! It is recommended not to enter the wall with a car. You’ll find several parking areas outside the walls.

¿What to do in MORELLA ?

To enjoy the best panoramic views of this wonderful town, some of its viewpoints are recommended:

  • The views from the motorhome area
  • The views from the top of the town, on the CV-12 road towards Ares
  • The 14th-century aqueduct is another recommended area

To continue enjoying this rural tourism, there are other locations you must visit, such as the Dinosaur and Cave Paintings Museum. You can also enjoy a multi-adventure getaway in Saltapins Park, which is full of Tibetan bridges, zip lines, and ropes.

Some images of this
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