The ideal solution for your purchases

At Flycar you can rent a van in Valencia for hours and days to help you with your purchases at Ikea. If you plan to go buy many products, or large products at Ikea in Valencia, take a rental van.

Rent the van you want before you go and don’t worry about taking the furniture home without complications. You can choose between small, medium and large vans depending on what you need. The process is as simple as coming to one of our Flycar offices in Valencia (you can see them here), renting the van that best suits you, buying the furniture at Ikea, unloading at home and dropping it off at the nearest office. . In just one morning you have been able to do your shopping without worrying about anything else, and more economically than hiring a transport service.

Van rental for Ikea is the best option for when you need to take the Ikea furniture home in Valencia and it doesn’t fit in your car. Although hiring a delivery or transport company may seem cheap, in the end they are expensive, in addition to having to depend on other people. If you want to do it yourself, Flycar makes it easy for you.


Todas las opciones de vehículos que puedes alquilar

Here are some van models that you can rent for this type of transportation:

  • Small vans: if you need to transport small or low volume furniture that won’t fit in your car, choose a van of this type. This is the most economical.
  • Medium vans: this is the best option when what you are going to buy is medium size and does not fit in a normal van.
  • Large vans: These vans are ideal when you are planning to remodel your home and need to purchase a large amount of products and furniture. Also, if you are planning to move, we have a range of vans that are ideal for moving.
  • Mixed vans: if you need help moving Ikea furniture, you can rent a mixed van to bring along people to help you with the task.
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