Thinking of going shopping at Bauhaus?
At Flycar we have the solution you need!
We have a wide range of vehicles in Valencia
so you can carry your purchases with total security.

Rent a vehicle and bring everything you need from Bauhaus to your home:

Need to make a big purchase for your home or business? No problem! With our car rental service, you’ll be able to get to the Bauhaus store and bring everything you need.
At Bauhaus you’ll find everything you need for your construction, renovation or decorating projects. However, bringing home everything you bought can be a challenge. That’s why we offer you our rental vehicles so you can carry everything you need comfortably and safely.
Our vehicles are designed to meet your needs, whether you need a large van to transport construction materials or a small vehicle to transport appliances. In addition, our fleet of vehicles is in perfect condition to ensure that your experience is safe and efficient.
With our vehicle rental service, you can save time and effort when shopping at Bauhaus – don’t worry about transporting your purchases, trust us!
Visit us today and see for yourself how our car rental service can make your shopping experience at Bauhaus easier and more efficient. We look forward to seeing you!

Todas las opciones de vehículos que puedes alquilar

Some models of vans that you can rent for this type of transportation can be:

  • Small cargo vans: If you require to move smaller furniture or volume that does not fit in your car, opt for a van of this category. It is the most economical option.
  • Medium cargo vans: These are ideal if what you plan to buy is of an intermediate size that does not fit in a regular van.
  • Large cargo vans: If you plan to completely furnish your home and need to buy a lot of products and furniture, these vans are perfect. Also, if you are considering moving, we offer excellent moving vans.
  • Mixed vans: If you need assistance transporting Ikea furniture, you can rent a mixed van and bring along people to help you with the job.
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