Thinking of going shopping at Brico Depot?
At Flycar we have the solution you need!
We have a wide range of vehicles in Valencia
so you can carry your purchases safely.

Go shopping with peace of mind with Flycar

At Flycar you can rent a van in Valencia or another type of vehicle, such as a car or even a van, both by the hour and by the day, so you can do your shopping at Brico Depot with peace of mind. It can be very useful for when you have to buy a large number of products, or some material that is very bulky and does not fit in the car. At Flycar you will find the vehicle that best suits what you need, since you can choose between vans with different load sizes (small, medium and large), mixed vans, vans or passenger cars. Before going to buy at Brico Depot, stop by one of our offices and take a look at our fleet of vans. Our team of experts will advise you so that you choose the best option.

When you have rented the vehicle, you can go shopping without worrying about how to take your purchases home later. Once you have finished, you can leave the van at any of our offices in Valencia. In just one morning you can do your shopping without worrying about anything else, and more economically than hiring a transport service.

Todas las opciones de vehículos que puedes alquilar

If you want to know in more detail what types of vehicles you can rent in Valencia, take a look at everything we have for you:

  • Small cargo vans
  • Medium duty vans
  • Large cargo vans
  • Mixed vans
  • Vans
  • Turisms

If you are thinking of going to buy at Brico Depot in Valencia, we have the perfect solution for transport. And if you are also moving, we have an ideal selection of vehicles so that you can do it without problems.



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