The transportation you need
If you are thinking of organizing an event or you have already planned it, you will surely need a means of transportation, both for people and for objects, food, etc. It is in these cases where you can resort to Flycar’s event van rentals. We have a large fleet of vans, vans and minibuses, so that you can move the people, objects, food, etc. We can provide the equipment and staff for the event, the catering, the image elements, the guests and everything you need. At Flycar you can rent a vehicle for hours, days or kilometers, we will always advise you according to your needs at all times.

Renting vans and other vehicles for events, may be the best option in those cases where you are going to need to move from one place to another many people or materials. A very recurrent use that is often given is the rental of vans for weddings in Valencia, and even for bachelor / bachelorette parties. When you want attendees at your wedding or event can easily move to the venue, you can rent one of our minibuses at the best price and take a worry out of that day.

Todas las opciones de vehículos que puedes alquilar

At Flycar you can choose the following options of van rental for events and weddings:

  • Small cargo vans: the best choice for transportation in Valencia.
  • Medium and large cargo vans: with these vans you can enjoy great versatility and comfort, in addition to transporting large objects.
  • Mixed vans: for when you need to transport both objects and cargo, as well as passengers.
  • Vans and minivans for weddings in Valencia: so that the most special day has the best result.
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