Do you have to bring material to a work?
At Flycar we help you!
We have a wide catalog of professional vehicles
so you can do shipping and transport

The best solution for transporting materials

For those cases in which you need to transport materials or people to a construction site, the best option is to rent a van to be able to do it easily. In just a few minutes you will be able to book one of all the options we offer on the Flycar website, which you can see here. If you are thinking of hiring a construction van rental service, our services will interest you. We have a wide catalog of vehicles that you can rent depending on your needs, of different classes and types, as well as adapted to cover the entire range of transport possibilities. We have two offices in Valencia where you can come and consult us without obligation (see our offices here)

With Flycar you can rent your van in a few simple steps. We have different forms of contact so that you can rent a van in Valencia without any problem: you can contact us by chat, by phone, through our virtual switchboard, by email or by filling out the form below. You can also stop by one of our offices and we will advise you on whatever you need. In addition to being able to rent vans with Flycar, we also put vans and minibuses at your disposal, for when you need to transport a greater amount of material or people.

Todas las opciones de vehículos que puedes alquilar

At Flycar you can choose the following van rental options for construction sites:

  • Small cargo vans: for when you need to transport little material to the construction site.
  • Medium cargo vans: allows you to cover your transportation needs in a very versatile way.
  • Large cargo vans: with this type of van you can take everything you need to the construction site.
  • Mixed vans: to move both people and cargo and materials.

If you are also looking to rent a moving van, you can check our best models on our moving van rental page.

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