At Flycar we know that removals are not easy and that is why we want to help you. We have a wide catalog of vehicles so you can take everything to your new home

If you want to make a move, Flycar has the solution

At Flycar we have a large number of vehicles and vans that can be used to transport removals. Whether you need to move from one house to another, or from one business / office to another, at Flycar we have the solution for your needs.

The van rental for removals may be the best option in those cases in which, due to the size of what you want to move, you cannot do it in your car. In addition, it is cheaper to rent a van than to look for transport and removal companies, with all that this entails. At Flycar we offer you a selection of vehicles and vans, adapted to all needs: from small vans with 3 doors, to vans with a ramp.

Come to our offices to receive information about our services or if you need us to prepare a budget without obligation. We will be happy to assist you.

Todas las opciones de vehículos que puedes alquilar

At Flycar you can choose the following van rental options for removals:

  • Small cargo vans: the best choice for transport and removals in Valencia.
  • Medium Cargo Vans: With these vans you can enjoy great versatility and comfort.
  • Large cargo vans: for those cases in which you need to transport large objects.
  • Mixed vans: for when you need to transport objects and cargo, but also passengers.
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